Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Unseen Hand

.Emily found this great British Vogue photography book in Bozeman, Montana. It discusses the process of how the magazine has worked with photographers over the years, and features a bunch of outtakes, contact sheets, re-touching notes, correspondence, etc.

Here are some highlights (click to enlarge).

Michael Cooper, 1965

Helmut Newton, 1966

A 22 year-old David Bailey's first contribution to Vogue, 1960. The letter is an interesting read: "In return for this guarantee, it is understood you will do no editorial work for either Harpers Bazaar or the Queen."

Norman Parkinson, 1958 and 1960.

John Deakin, 1952. ("I am very worried about John Deakin at the moment, since he is obviously a very sick man, and should not really be working at all. As you know, he has noone to look after him, and in his present condition he is finding it extremely difficult to wash, shave, etc., and I think that the whole business is beginning to get him down.")

Ellen Von Unwerth, 1991. (Really classic and beautiful compared to some of her later work—this reminds me of a higher contrast Peter Lindbergh.)

Unknown, 1974. (Looks a little like later Sam Haskins, or Jeanloup Sieff in color.)

Guy Bourdin, 1971 and 1970.

Just Jaeckin, 1967.

Bob Richardson, 1966.

Don Honeyman, 1952.

Horst, 1949.

Guy Bourdin, 1977. (I would not be surprised if this shoot was the inspiration for the current Versace campaign by Mario Testino, below.)

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