Saturday, February 16, 2008

Never Stop Droppin' These Instrumentals

Best hip-hop I have heard in awhile regardless of the fact I'm a wee bit biased because my old homies Jake One and Vitamin D did the beat and scratches. Jake is hitting his stride on the level that he has a signature sound—i.e., there is now a "Jake One sound"—but it seems to be infinitely expandable, and he never repeats himself.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Better give me the retarded interview

Wooooo magazine, brainchild of editor and publisher Jason Crombie, has just published its fifth issue, and Emily and I are delighted to be on the masthead again as co-copy editors (copy co-editors? Clearly we are qualified).

The new issue
boasts a super fresh new paperback format and interviews with Parker Posey, Leo Fitzpatrick, Aurel Schmidt, Jop van Bennekom, Nate Lowman, Michelle Maccarone, David Sherry, Jerry Hsu, Ray Barbee, Carlos Valencia, and David Byrne.

If you can't find 'em in stores across the LES, get number 5 (and
back issues while they last) at for $10 each, postage-paid.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Must I Paint You a Picture

I finally started a Flickr account and have posted some photos. Check them out here.

So far it's mostly photos from the cross-country roadtrip I took with my mom last May. For her sixtieth birthday she was going to treat herself to a drive from Seattle to Brooklyn to see my brother Sky, my wife Emily, and me. Since I had just gone freelance and could work from anywhere, and since I wasn't super-psyched about my mom driving across the country alone, I flew out to Seattle with my laptop and we took just over two weeks to wind across a total of fourteen states. Those photos start here.

The rest are random shots of Seattle and Brooklyn. I'll be adding many more soon.

Top: The Manhattan Bridge (taken with a Holga camera)
Middle: Somewhere on the Pine Ridge Reservation last May
Bottom: The view from Melrose & Harrison in Seattle, last October

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Welcome to Pacific Standard

I'm starting this blog as a quick way to update people on various creative endeavors and the work of my newly-named design studio, Pacific Standard. I'll also post about design in general, photography, records, books, magazines, politics, art, history and other things that interest me. My wife Emily and other guests will also post from time to time. Please bookmark it, feel free to make comments, tell whoever you want, and check back every day for at least one new post.