Friday, October 21, 2011

And Now


Anna Selezneva in Santa Sangre by Axel Lindahl, via Nowness.
Watch it full-screen.

NSFW, depending on where you W.

I Don't Need Psychology To See
The Dichotomy In Me


Saafir "Light Sleeper" from Boxcar Sessions (1994, Qwest)

I was looking at Man Mad Lakes today and saw that Jesse posted some cuts from Saafir's debut album,
Boxcar Sessions... and now I've been listening to it all afternoon. I was never lucky enough to get the LP on vinyl but I have the 12"s and have been rocking the tape since I first got it (thank you Cellophane Square, Bellingham).

Saafir "Player Hater"

It might be dated to people now, but to me it's the kind of album where I get something new from it every time.

Saafir "Can You Feel Me?"

I remember being at the Gavin festival in San Francisco with Jake One, Supreme, Shelli, Sureshot, and Beni-B in about 1996 (?). We saw Saafir perform – just a quick set, and he completely wrecked it.

Saafir "Tha Bullshit" from Casual's debut album
Fear Itself (1994, Jive)

The great thing to me about Saafir's flow is that he always seems to have intense control – but so much so that he can be really free with it, like a hip-hop Eric Dolphy.

Eric Dolphy "Epistrophy" from Last Date (1964, Limelight)

Image of the Day

Lisa Yuskavage: Triptych, 2011 (Oil on linen, 77.25 x 70.125" each. YUSLI0395) at David Zwirner Gallery in New York through November 5th.

One of the best shows I saw in NY a couple weeks ago – conceptually fascinating, but also the color reminded me of the intensity of seeing Richard Prince's Nurse paintings for the first time. Here's a great review by Ken Johnson at the New York Times:

At the center of a triptych more than 18 feet wide, a naked femme lolls on a wooden bench with her nether parts facing the viewer in an invitation to enter the archaic feminine, both literally and metaphorically. Romantic yearning for immersion in beneficent nature, however, collides with satiric hilarity as Ms. Yuskavage toys outrageously with conventions of soft pornography. She dares viewers to admit to elemental desires and fantasies that the ideologically enlightened would deny.

Ms. Yuskavage’s Edenic, sexualized landscapes really are battlegrounds of moral and spiritual war between judgmental mind and polymorphous id. In the triptych’s middle distance stand about a half dozen severe-looking women in long dresses and buttoned-up blouses, forming, it seems, a chorus of disapprobation.

They might stand for those who would disavow sensual hedonism and the infantile consumerism it leads to — those who would put art to the service of critical intellect and political rectitude. But it is the tension in the paintings themselves between the elevated beauty of fine art and the debased, yet often hard-to-resist beauty of kitsch that gives Ms. Yuskavage’s work its comical, uncannily seductive allure.

See more images from the exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Call It Blazing


A Classic Education "Work It Out" from
Call It Blazing
(Forthcoming 10.25.2011, Lefse Records)

Looking forward to this album.

Best Foot Forward

[+] Céline SS2012 runway.
Awesome boldness.

Metropolitan Transit Authority

Images from Bruce Davidson's classic Subway series, first published in 1986.

The book has recently been re-released with 25 previously unpublished images, and next Wednesday night at Aperture Gallery in New York, Davidson will be discussing his work and signing copies of Subway.

Click here for info.

Image of the Day

Marc Dennis: Dragonslayer, 2011 (Oil on canvas 24 x 38"). On view at Hasted Kraeutler in New York City through December 3rd. More info and images here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the Town

Some quick weekend snaps...

Chad VanGaalen at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard

BOO HOO by Theresa

Dalen rocking shit on the turntables at Twinline Motorcycles party

Wu-Tang x Wooooo Magazine pumpkin by yours truly. (New issue of Wooooo out now with James Franco on the cover... one of the more brilliantly designed magazines I've ever seen.)

Jamie and Annie at Twinline

Jamie's brilliant kitty-cat pumpkin

Jamie and Emily (yes I'm on Instagram now though I don't really know how to use it)

Flowers Emily got me when I came back from New York

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dude York


Excellent semi-new Seattle stuff – Dude York: Satanic Vs.
See also: Gangs of Dude York (Download for free here)

(hat tip Andrew Matson)
(photo: Chelsea, NYC, October 2011)

The Assassination of Kurt Cobain by the Coward Dude York
Live at the Comet, June 2011

Even more here.