Friday, August 20, 2010

Thunder Muscle


Update: No.

Breaking Free

CHAINGANG accessories collection by Seattle-based design collective
Free Time Industries.

Model Theresa Crim styled by
Ashley Helvey and shot by Kyle Johnson
. More images and info here.

Your Weekly Mr. Littlejeans

Littlejeans watches "Project Runway" with his mommy.

Make it work, Jeans.

Carry on.

I Can Has Theremin


Worth watching till the end.

[ via LineOut ]

Also Kurt


Patti Smith "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Just a reminder, in case you haven't yet been, that there's two weeks left to see Kurt, the exhibition of Kurt Cobain-inspired art at the Seattle Art Museum. (I wish I had time to write a more thought-out review, but in lieu of that, I will just say that I think it's an important show for SAM and overall an excellent collection of work that should not be missed. There are pieces and themes in the show that I have thought about a lot since seeing it.)

Not Necessarily in That Order

Evelyn Kuhn by Andy Warhol

There's also just two weeks left to see
Love Fear Pleasure Lust Pain Glamour Death: Andy Warhol Media Works at the Seattle Art Museum – another excellent show, especially for the chance to see Warhol's screen tests projected huge onto the museum walls.

Nico Screen Test (sound added by enthusiastic YouTube user – please mute)

Click for info.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Image of the Day

While looking for background info on his advertisements for Parco, I stumbled onto the website of Japanese photographer Kazumi Kurigami. It's as much an argument against Flash as in favor of it, but setting that aside: prepare to lose your mind/click here.

Best Foot Forward

You won't often catch me in anything less than a 3-inch heel, unless it's a pair of Jack Purcells. But these are too sweet to ignore:

Valentino studded flat sandals,
$795 on pre-order at Saks.

Skate Witches


A 1986 Super 8 film by Danny Plotnick in which a gang of female skaters and their pet rats terrorize all the boy skaters in town.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Message is the Medium

I found this book last Friday at Twice Sold Tales in Seattle. Not like it's the greatest find ever, but the cover caught my eye and it turns out the photo is by Richard Avedon.

There are some other cool and/or funny photos inside (click to enlarge).

(Oddly enough, if you read the captions, Free is referred to as a "she," plausibly to subvert the sexual power structure.)

Revolution for the Hell Of It is also full of various wisdom nuggets, such as:

I concur, Marshall McLuhan.

All in all a good find.

Image of the Day

Summer in Seattle

Northern Ports


Craeft by Ports 1961, FW2010, by Vancouver-based designer Tia Cibani. Model Bruna Tenorio shot in Finland by Geoff Barrenger, with styling by Tu Ly and music by Jeff Martin and Kapsburger.

Need vs. Want

Via Wooooo:

I already do most of these things pretty regularly but the ability to keep a squirrel in my pocket has always eluded me. I know just the squirrel I'm going to use it on too, he lives in the tree by our car and he has a staring problem. Need.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Image of the Day

Artwork for the forthcoming Truckasauras album, with photography by Kyle Johnson, art direction and smoke bombs by me, design by Byron Kalet/Popular Noise. More Truck here

Can You Hear Me


Trailer for The Conversation (1974) by Francis Ford Coppola – a new DVD edition is out today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Need vs. Want


Julien Macdonald canvas and leather cape, $1650.
See the whole Fall collection at

Image of the Day

From an article in The New York Times by Reyhan Harmanci:
It was a dream come true, straight out of “Antiques Roadshow.” In 2000 Rick Norsigian, a painter in a school maintenance department, bought a box of photo negatives at a garage sale in Fresno, Calif., for $45. Last month, a decade later, he stood in a Beverly Hills art gallery to announce that a team of experts had concluded “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Ansel Adams had taken the pictures.

The gallery’s owner, David W. Streets, appraised the value of the 65 images, which the experts called “the lost negatives,” at $200 million, and the incident made news around the world.

But a fairy-tale ending is eluding Mr. Norsigian. A day after the announcement, Matthew Adams, a grandson of the photographer, disputed the finding, questioned the credentials of the experts and went so far as to call the whole business a “scam.”

A few days after that, an Oakland woman, Marian Walton, announced that she had a photo (shown above) that was identical to one of the negatives. It had been taken, she said, not by Adams, the famous outdoors photographer, but by an uncle of hers, Earl Brooks.
Dun-dun-dunnnn. The intrigue continues at

12:17 PM

The Gap Band "Outstanding" (12" version) from the album
Gap Band IV (Total Experience, 1982). An all-time family favorite. Rest in peace Robert Wilson

Total Producing Ability

Via the always-excellent Viva Vena Cava:

A commercial by Kazumi Kurigami, for the Japanese department store chain Parco. As the ladies at Vena Cava put it, "Nothing says shopping quite like celebrities eating eggs in an all-black room."

Here are some excerpts from Parco's extremely informative FAQ page:

Q: What kind of businesses is PARCO engaged in?
A: We are a company that develops and manages urban shopping complexes. We employ “Total Producing Ability” which incorporates our wide-ranging expertise in the fields of marketing, planning, designing and management/operation of shopping complexes.
Q: Please tell me the origins of the PARCO corporate name.
A: “PARCO,” the corporate name, means “park” in Italian. A park is a place (or space) where lots of people can gather, where people can share time and space, and where people can relax and have fun. That’s also what "PARCO" is.
Yes. Yes, it is.