Friday, March 4, 2011

Ain't You

Kleenex (aka LiLiPUT) "Ain't You" from LiLiPUT (1978, Sunshine; 1982, Rough Trade), re-issued awhile back by Kill Rock Stars.

Fantasy League Fashion

Fashion journalists (et al) weigh in on who should replace John Galliano at Dior:

Alber Elbaz is a logical first choice but I don't see why he would leave Lanvin, and no one mentions Olivier Theyskens but he would be great. Haider Ackermann would be a bold choice and probably my top pick.

Need vs. Want

Aquariva by Gucci, a made-to-order Riva (basically the Cisitalia of boats) customized by Gucci creative director Frieda Giannini.

It's a little too pretty for my style but ...damn, it is pretty.

Not really a need or a want, just's pretty. More info here.

In the Studio

Maja, model

Where Do You Wanna Go


Papercuts "Do You Really Wanna Know" (Live)
Fading Parade (2011, Sub Pop)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best Foot Forward

I prefer them in all tan, with the tan heel - but apparently so does everyone else. One of these could be an acceptable substitute, if you really have to twist my arm about it.
Chloé Ankle Cuff Wedge.
In tan with dark sole: $749.20 at;
in black and white: $645 at


Also tonight—CMRTYZ presents:
Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls, The Babies) is installing an aisle of Walgreen's - not a realistic, actual aisle, but rather a "super-aisle" filled with products sold at big-name drugstores that she's attracted to. So far, items for inspiration are: boxes of hair dye, waxing/hair removal products, fake nails/eyelashes, Hanes t-shirts and underwear, condoms, cosmetics aisle items such as lipstick and nail polish, chapstick, the magazine rack, Ziploc bags, As Seen On TV products, fungal cream, wrist braces, and surely there will be many more to come. Thick lines on the wall to represent "shelves" and on pricing- the pieces will be determined by moving the decimal point on the actual product over one (if a box of hair dye is $8.99 the piece will be $89).
Plus: after party with The Pharmacy, Cassie Ramone, TacocaT, Battle Stations. More info and additional greatness at CMRTYZ.

Image of the Day

Artwork by Stacey Rozich for Earth's new album, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1, available now from Southern Lord on CD or 180g black or red vinyl. Earth plays its album release party tonight at the Tractor, with Pacific Standard favorite Mount Eerie and the Low Hums opening.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bending Light

The Plumen 001 light bulb, designed by Samuel Wilkinson for Hulger, uses 80% less energy and lasts 8 times longer than regular light bulbs. It also just looks cool, and recently won the Brit Insurance Design of the Year Award in the Product category.

I don't think they're available in the US yet but you can get more info here.

Fall Into the Gap


Gap-Toothed Women (1987) by Les Blank

Poor Form Is Caused By Insufficient Yelling

. The stenciled signs on the wall in my gym remind me of Lawrence Weiner. (This one is my favorite, not a great photo but click to enlarge.)

Lawrence Weiner

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ciao, Bella!

For me, one of the first truly inspiring shows – fresh-feeling, but old-fashioned; relevant, but sweetly anachronistic; and nothing trop de tout – of the season. Surprised it's Marni? Of course not!

Marni Fall 2011 [click to enlarge]


Yellow Pages

This week Abe Books' rare book room pulls together a collection of books produced by visionary publisher Victor Gollancz. Here's what they have to say about him:
Gollancz (1893-1967) studied the classics at Oxford University and during World War I began his life in publishing when he joined Ernest Benn’s firm … recruiting writers [such as] Edith Nesbit and H. G. Wells. In 1927, he set up his own publishing house and his career took off. [Among others,] he signed George Orwell, Ford Madox FordDaphne Du Maurier.
Gollancz was ahead of this time. He placed full-page adverts for his books in newspapers (very rare for this period) and his designers established a recognizable style featuring powerful typography and yellow dust jackets. Gollancz was creating ‘branding’ 50 years before marketers embraced the buzzword.

In 1936, Gollancz was a co-founder of the Left Book Club with the intention of halting the growth of Fascism in Europe and promoting socialism. Every month, Gollancz recommended a left-leaning book and members received the book for a discounted price of two shillings and six pence. The first selection was France Today and the People's Front by Maurice Thorez, a French Communist. The Left Book Club had 45,000 members within 12 months and hundreds of local groups met and debated the books up and down Britain.
The publisher was knighted in 1965.

I cut out a lot, but the point, to make a long story short, is that Victor Gollancz was quite an interesting dude. Visit to learn more about him and browse.

Image of the Day

Four-song EP out today on
Sub Pop

Monday, February 28, 2011

Image of the Day

Tara Donovan, Drawing (Pins), 2010 (72" x 72")

Tara Donovan, Drawing (Pins), 2010 (detail)

Donovan's show by the same name is up now through March 19 at The Pace Gallery in NYC. From the gallery's press release:
For the first time, Donovan determines a composition prior to the work’s creation and brings it into realization through mark-making within the self-defined parameters of a traditional picture plane. The optical effect—a visual field with shifting viewpoints—is central, underlining and expanding upon a concept that has defined much of the artist’s installation and sculptural work.
. . .
In [Jonathan T.D.] Neil’s catalogue essay [Neil] relates Donovan’s new work to psychologist James J. Gibson’s mid-twentieth century theories on the “ecological approach” to the study of vision. . . . Donovan’s new drawings, Neil proposes, reposition perceptual experience (both literally and figuratively) at the forefront of visual concern in the digital era[:] . . . “we could say that nature is still at stake in these works[;] it is the nature of human perceptual experience, an experience that is undergoing a massive reshaping at present, all at the hands, or rather through the inhuman eye, of a screen.”

(Monday Morning Weather Report)

.[+] More snow than I've seen in the Olympics since we've lived here.

(This is actually from Friday morning but I'm pretty sure the mountains are still there.)

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones