Friday, May 2, 2008

Photo Sharing

Doing research for another project recently I realized that there is a fairly extensive website for one of my favorite photographers, Jeanloup Sieff (Paris, 1933–2000). Sieff was most active in the mid-sixties, shooting for Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and other fashion magazines. I particularly love his outdoor fashion and portrait shots. The images above (click to enlarge) are from the site and from this 1968 book I found at the ICP book sale several months ago (a steal at $5, even if the pages are a little yellow). Taschen produced a much larger book a few years ago and you can buy it on sale here.

Check out the Jeanloup Sieff website at

Sneaking Through the Trees

As Chad mentioned yesterday, our good buddy J. Ralph Phillips just launched his new website. I talked about some of his dioramas before and now you can check out his equally captivating illustrations and music. Click here.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Kid is Hot Tonight

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just a Friendly Game of Baseball

The day started as almost all of my good days in New York City start: with a walk over the Manhattan bridge. It's not that the Manhattan bridge is that great or anything, it's just that a journey over a fairly wide river has a way of clearing your head and making things seem a little more epic than they normally would. In this photo you can see a bunch of things: the Brooklyn bridge, obviously; a structure being built up next to it for Olafur Eliasson's forthcoming waterfall installation; a water taxi; the Staten Island ferry in the background; the Statue of Liberty. It's all run-of-the-the-mill but sometimes I look at these things and think: wow, there's a lot going on in New York harbor.

We met at the Shark bar, at Spring and Mulberry. I know I sound like a broken record about this but the taps are extremely clean at all times and you know what you're getting. It opens very early, so it was the go-to choice for meeting at 11am before a 1pm Mets game.

On the way to the subway to head out to Queens we ran into my friend the photographer Ben Pogue. Ben has shot all kinds of stuff for Uniqlo, The New York Times, V, and other magazines. It's not easy to find a great still life photographer and he is truly talented.

When we got to Shea Stadium we discovered that we had absolutely amazing seats, courtesy of the FDNY. Firefighters do not make much money in New York, but there are little perks here and there that help make up for it.

This guy was sitting up behind us. He had been on the job for 30 years or so and retired.

We enjoyed some delicious wienies and beers.

It was a trainwreck of a game—the Mets lost to Pittsburgh 1-13. Truthfully, I couldn't care less. I'm not a baseball fan, never have been. My parents are artists. I played some other sports here and there and pretty badly, but I never played baseball on a team and I never so much as played catch as a kid. Still, the experience of going to a game in the middle of the day was pretty frigging fun.

The Ghost In You

I believe I mentioned before that Pacific Standard and its way-better half have the esteemed privelige privilige privilege of being copy editors at the best zine on the planet. Now you too can attempt to be associated with Wooooo by submitting your best t-shirt design incorporating the signature penis-ghost logo in The (first annual?) Great Wooooo T-Shirt Competition.

Go here to see some of the entries so far, like the one above from Stephens of Stephens & Bower acclaim (apparently cats may be substituted for the Wooooo logo—makes sense to us). While you're over there, scroll through one of the most hilarious and engrossing blogs around.

Official rules and entry details are below this photo:

The Great Wooooo Design a T-shirt for us and we’ll give you nothing save the knowledge that you won The Great Wooooo T-Shirt Competition Competition officially copy-edited Official Rules:
When we flippantly announced "The Great Wooooo Magazine T-Shirt Competition" we failed to mention a few regulations.
Regulation one: Designs should be one color.
Regulation two: Whatever you come up with should be printable on one side of the T. Don’t get all tricky on us.
We already know you're smart—you read Wooooo.
Regulation three: Your design should somehow incorporate the Wooooo Logo: THE GHOST WHAT HAS A COCK.
That’s the regulations then.
As far as deadlines go, let's say…in a month?

Send your entries to info[at]

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The first drive-in movie I ever saw.

Monday, April 28, 2008

In Flux

Emily and I went to the Chelsea galleries Saturday afternoon.

Mattia Biagi Rose Like a Phoenix from the Ashes at Anna Kustera

Jonas Mekas Warhol Series #1 from my favorite show of the day, From Fluxus to Media Art, at Maya Stendhal Gallery

24th Street

Also memorable: Gregory Crewdson at Luhring Augustine, Henry Darger at Andrew Edlin, Rodney Graham at 303 Gallery (mainly for the gigantic photo in the front room, which you can see on their website), and Marvin E. Newman at Silverstein Photography. Not a comprehensive sweep of the galleries but a few inspiring shows. Always a fun way to spend Saturday afternoon.

Come Rain or Come Shine

Despite the crummy weather Sunday morning, this weekend's flea market was the best yet—it's getting much junkier and there's a ton of weird old trinkets and stuff to look at. My brother got some really cool brahma bull-shaped salt and pepper shakers for $10 and I got some records. Also picked up this book as a little gift for my friend Gina, who just got engaged: