Friday, March 16, 2012

Image of the Day

K8 Hardy, Position Series #58, 2011.
On view now through May 27
as part of the 2012
Whitney Biennial.

Dark Space


M. Women "Dark Space" from
Faithful (2011).
Video by Robert M. Wolfe.

Seattle's own M. Women play Chop Suey tonight with Grass Widow and The Raincoats. We don't do a lot of bolding around here but I don't think I've ever been more bummed to miss a show. At least in recent memory. (I'm out of town.) What a line up....

Grass Widow "Milo Minute" from 7" (2011, Revolver).
Video directed by Aubree Bernier-Clarke.

The Raincoats "In Love" from The Raincoats (1979, Rough Trade)

More info on (sniff, sniff) tonight's show HERE and click the links below for related posts.

Oh My God...Trombone Cat



via Charlie Schuck

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Need vs. Want

While we're at it, I'll also take this.

Or this.
(top) Lanvin subtle-stripe silk dress, $2610;
(bottom) Haute Hippie short jersey dress, $601.
Both at
Matches. Want.

Best Foot Forward (Daylight Savings Edition)


...because, you know, it's been raining for seven days straight so of course I'm thinking about Spring.

Chrissie Morris Ida platform sandals, $1066.

Lanvin square-heel sandals, $892

Balenciaga Arena sandals, $472 (also in white)

Diane Von Furstenburg Elan high-heel sandals, $375

MaxMara Cordova wedges, $553

All available through Matches' (newly re-designed) website.

Bright Lights


The Cardigans "Carnival" from
Life (1995, Stockholm)

Semi-guilty-pleasure wise, I have always loved this song. Currently on blast in the photo studio where I'm working.

Image of the Day

Cover for photographer Cass Bird's new book Rewilding.
In the summers of 2009 and 2010, Bird traveled to Sassafrass, Tennessee, with a group of young women, a wardrobe of diaphanous dresses and a camera. These women - studio assistants, friends, or women cast from the streets of New York - had been selected by Bird for their ease with their sexual identities, but also for their relative awkwardness in front of the lens. The result was Rewilding, a joyous portrait of modern femininity and a frolicking celebration of women's camaraderie.
Book signing tonight 6-8pm at LEADAPRON (8445 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA, if you happen to be in the vicinity). More info at OH WOW

I Appreciate Your Time


Hospitality "Betty Wang" from
Hospitality (2012, Merge)

via Suspence

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Image of the Day

Eric Fischl, The Prices: Richard, Judy,
Annie, and Gen
, 2008.
On view at Mary Boone through March 17, as part of a show
of Fischl's portraits from 1992 to present.

Some of his work can be pretty psychologically
disturbed, but/and I would like to see this show.

It's Pointless to Talk About Painting


Trailer for Gerhard Richter Painting, which premiers in the US tonight at Film Forum in New York City.

Two Eyes


Andrew Bird "Eyeoneye" from Break It Yourself (2012, Mom+Pop)

(photo: Capitol Hill, Seattle, March 2012 | Instagram @strathshepard)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There Was a Fish in the Percolator


I can't believe that I am just now watching this show for the first time. I feel like someone should revoke my Green Card. If I had one.

Image of the Day

Artwork by Abigail Reynolds, from her solo show A Common Treasury, on view through March 24 at Ambach & Rice in Los Angeles.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Shrimp


Trailer for We'll Take Manhattan, a BBC portrayal of David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton. Could be awful, I don't know, but the subject matter definitely makes it worth a look.

h/t Sonya Westcott

Image of the Day

. Matt Lifson: Moonbeam or Moonshine, 2012 (Oil on canvas, 29 x 35 inches). On view in Smoke and Mirrors, Lifson's MFA Thesis Exhibition, running March 14–17 at Bolsky Gallery in Los Angeles CA. (Opening reception this Thursday, March 15, 6–9PM.) See more here.

Bolsky Gallery is located at the Brony and Andy Galef Center for Fine Arts, Otis College of Art And Design, 9045 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles

Everything Will Change While You're Asleep


Lower Dens "Brains" from Nootropics (2012, Ribbon Music)