Friday, September 17, 2010

Records I Own Only For the Cover

Another intermittent series on ye olde blog.

I've been doing some weeding of the collection recently. As much as the music on these is unremarkable or bad, I have to keep them for the covers alone.

Plus, who knows, I might listen to them another time and like them.

Imagine the horror if I thought "what I really need right now is some soul sauce," only to realize that I had given that record away on some forgotten whim. Unacceptable.

Or what happens if I'm feelin' saxy and I can't find my Herb Larson record, because I gave it away, just because it's horrible? Do you think Herb Larson would do that to you?


Need vs. Want

Boxed facsimile of Avalanche issues 1–13, $150 at Dashwood Books. Need.

Your Weekly Mr. Littlejeans

It would be difficult to fully comprehend the confused excitement our young cabin boy felt upon hearing the words Chicken of the Sea.

A note from Jeans:

Dear Uncle Jason and Auntie Aoife,
Thank you for the hat, at first I thought it had a bunch of birds stuck to it but now I understand I can use them to murder fish. Gonna need a bigger boat.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best Foot Forward

. The right tool for the job of getting through the first really rainy day in Seattle. Maine Hunting Shoes (unisex, $90–$164) made in Maine by LL Bean since 1912.

Oh Man

The Gentlewoman issue 2, featuring photographer Inez van Lamsweerde – sophisticated ladies and men who love them, race to the newsstand.

(previously: The Gentlewoman issue 1)

In the Middle of Opportunity...Excuse Me...
In the Middle of Difficulty


Generally I don't like to post two videos in a row, but this man cannot wait. Ladies and gentleman, meet Phil Davison, GOP Candidate for Treasurer of Stark County, Ohio.
[via TBTL]



YSL Manifesto VII, directed by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. Info etc. at

Photos While U Wait

Marvin E. Newman Coney Island 1, 1953

Here's a small selection of images from Beyond COLOR: Color in American Photography 1950–1970, which opens tonight at Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York. The show features work by Harry Callahan, Marie Cosindas, Ernst Haas, Saul Leiter, Inge Morath, Marvin E. Newman, Ruth Orkin, Eliot Porter, Arthur Siegel, and Pete Turner – some of color photography's groundbreaking early practitioners. To top it all off, the gallery is featuring a special slideshow of never-printed Garry Winogrand photos.

Saul Leiter Lanesville (variant), 1958

Marie Consindas, Yves Saint Laurent, Paris, 1968

Saul Leiter Shopper, 1958

Harry Callahan, New York, 1955

Eliot Porter Window In Tin Wall, Eureka, Colorado, 1958

Ernst Haas Route 66, New Mexico, 1969

More info and a huge selection of images to browse at

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hearts of Darkness


Rodarte SS2011. I am pretty much blown away by the transfer of inspiration to reality in this one. Wear these clothes in your Roland Terry house and have another lude. Further analysis forthcoming.

Elegantly Wasted

Paul Morrissey, Andy Warhol, Janis Joplin
and Tim Buckley
at Max's Kansas City, 1968.
Photo by Elliott Landy.

Images above and below are from the newly published Max's Kansas City: Art, Glamour, Rock and Roll. This nostalgia dip features photographs taken over a period of approximately 15 years at New York's legendary gathering spot, along with related artifacts and essays by Lou Reed, Lenny Kaye, and others.

Unidentified revelers, ca. 1971.
Photo by Anton Perich.

John Chamberlain and Andrew Wylie, 1971.
Photo by Anton Perich.

A 1969 bar tab belonging to Andy Warhol,
with a credit of $200 for a Marilyn.
Bound to happen in a place that opens its doors with a
Donald Judd over the bar and Dan Flavin lighting the back room.

The book, published by Abrams Image in conjunction with a show opening tonight at Steven Kasher Gallery in NYC, is part of a celebration of sorts of the club that was a home away from home for a generation of artists and musicians in New York between 1965 and 1981, when Max's closed for good.

Larry Poons, 1974.

David Johansen, Dee Dee Ramone, and Alan Vega
(foreground), 1974. Photo by Anton Perich.

Untitled drawing by Willem De Kooning.

In addition to Steven Kasher, Loretta Howard Gallery unveils an exhibition tonight devoted to the artists who frequented Max's from the mid-60s to mid-70s (Willem De Kooning, John Chamberlain, James Rosenquist, Larry Rivers, Larry Poons, Robert Rauschenberg, Joseph Kosuth, Robert Smithson, Lynda Benglis, Alice Aycock, and many others). Wish I were (and had been) there – but the book looks to be a pretty enjoyable consolation prize.

The book can be previewed and purchased directly through Abrams. Find an article and slide show about Max's at and more info about the exhibitions at Steven Kasher and Loretta Howard.

8:03 AM

Actress "Hubble" from Splazsh (Honest Jons, 2010)

[photo: Woodland Park Zoo, June 2010]

[head nod to Andrew Matson]

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

California Girls


Derek Lam Spring 2011 RTW.

Image of the Day

A simple and clever idea for the invitation to's 10th anniversary party.

The Rules of Attraction

I have always hated it when people refer to inanimate objects as "sexy" (as in, and I know I'm dating myself but it's the first example I thought of: "Lotus is such a sexy space"). It just kind of makes my skin crawl. The thing is, there are very rare examples where it's kind of the only thing you can say. Are you going to call this chair sensual? Do you wear partially unbuttoned shirts with a tab collar? How about sultry? Hey, clean it up, you. (Or was that seriously a Throw Momma from the Train reference? Either way: fail.)

I suppose this chair – the Cervo Chair by architect Antonio Pio Saracino – is literally steamy, as that wood is not going to curve itself, and is clearly provocative, as I felt provoked to stare and talk about it. But really, what is it? It's sexy. It's a sexy chair. I admit it.

Also available in black leather (pretty much seals it). Click
here for info.

[via AnOther]

Monday, September 13, 2010

It Was Very Cinematic


Trailer for Blank City, a documentary by Celine Danhier on the New York underground film scene, 1977–1987.

[via Daily Operation]

Image of the Day

.Grass stains on canvas dragged behind an ATV by Dan Colen, whose most recent show opened at Gagosian Gallery last Thursday. "This show has a lot to do with failure and potential, accident and intention, and time at its most minute and most infinite," says Colen. "It’s about how powerful a single simple gesture can be."

Visit for an article and audio slideshow.

I have pneumonia.

Overheard in the hospital yesterday:


"You're sitting in it."

So yes, I'm not trying to be dramatic but apparently I have pneumonia. I
blame long work hours and mysterious bacteria. It's not a big deal, it could be worse. I don't know if I will be posting more or posting less this week as a result. Probably more of the same. Stay tuned.