Friday, April 10, 2009

Among Nobody


Among other things that make me excited about this movie
[director, cast, music by Boris with sunn O))) and Earth]
is the color – the color looks dope.

The Limits of Control is in theaters May 1st. More info here.

While we're at it, here's Jarmusch on a little fishing trip with my former almost-employer (that's a story for another post).

Click here to watch more episodes.


I generally think the best way to deal with Kanye West is to ignore him, but this is pretty funny – an unpredictably somewhat-humble response to his portrayal on South Park this week.

Weekend Activities

Tonight and tomorrow night, two more editions in Cairo's excellent series of shows (past performers include Tiny Vipers, PWRFL Power, Generifus, and Talbot Tagora, among others)…

We probably won't make it tonight because we have been planning to go to the TBTL party at Spitfire, but I am intrigued by what I've heard of Braidstorm and I like it that they're releasing a tape, so I'm gonna try to go Saturday.

See also: this Seattle Times article about Cairo from earlier this week, with some exciting news about the Anne Bonny's forthcoming move to the space next door.

Your Weekly Mr. Littlejeans

This is what happens when we command Jeans to "sleep like a little man." He curls up with his head on the pillow. Sometimes when it's cold he goes under the blanket first, turns around, then pokes his head out the top (as in this photo). I'm not saying we have the cutest cat in the world or something but he's pretty frigging cute. Also, have a look at those mousers – his hands are gigantic deadly weapons. Whoever the cutest cat in the world is, I dare it to come around actin' all high-post in range of them guns.

Also I should mention that Littlejeans is handling the cancer very well – so far you would not know he was sick except that he has coughing spells several times a day (the reason we took him to the vet in the first place). Basically there's cancer in his left lung and he thinks he can cough it up, and we're trying to tell him to just carry that weight and live around it. There's no way of knowing how long he has left in him, but he is clearly very happy and unworried.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Delicious Dish

The Home section in today's New York Times features an entertaining article about our good friend Giulia Melucci and her new book, I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti – a collection of stories about her various romantic adventures (Giulia is described in the article as being "perpetually single"), interspersed with recipes such as Ineffectual Eggplant Parmigiana (“Serves the two of you plus the three people you wish were there to keep the conversation going”).
Curiously the article does not mention that in addition to being a great cook and an equally great home decorator, Giulia is also the chief benefactor to the Giulia Melucci Wing in Pacific Standard's record collection, having donated a truly outstanding stack of '80s vinyl several years ago. Click here to read the article and here for a bunch more info on the book.

Additional Nourishment and Strength

Busy-busy bee, no time to write, so for today here are some choice selections from the University of Washington's archive of early advertising of the West. Click to enlarge, they're worth reading.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When It's Warm Outside

I don't have much to say lately, probably because it's finally sunny. I remember how it is now – the first sun break after a long, gray Seattle winter is totally stunning, and you feel an almost frenetically urgent need to be outside as much as possible.

Michel Sardaby Welcome New Warmth mp3

Yesterday it hit 70º and Emily and I had a slightly extended weekly office meeting at Lake Washington, sharing the end of a public dock with a group of German tourists and some kids who had skipped school to go swimming. You have to take advantage of it when you can; it's supposed to cloud up again tomorrow.

But today it's sunny, so with that in mind, I'll keep the chatter to a minimum and share the first five vaguely beachy images I found in the vault:

Unknown Brazilian band – I think I found this at the excellent Brazilian music blog Loronix.

Portrait Study by Bauhaus luminary Irene Bayer, 1928

Photograph from a 1960s beer advertisement.

Helmut Newton

L to R: Dawn Wells, a UW graduate and founder of the Idaho Film & Television Institute; marijuana enthusiast Bob Denver; and Tina Louise, who recorded four LPs including the 1957 album It's Time For Tina, which features Coleman Hawkins on tenor saxaphone.

Now go outside.