Monday, August 16, 2010

Total Producing Ability

Via the always-excellent Viva Vena Cava:

A commercial by Kazumi Kurigami, for the Japanese department store chain Parco. As the ladies at Vena Cava put it, "Nothing says shopping quite like celebrities eating eggs in an all-black room."

Here are some excerpts from Parco's extremely informative FAQ page:

Q: What kind of businesses is PARCO engaged in?
A: We are a company that develops and manages urban shopping complexes. We employ “Total Producing Ability” which incorporates our wide-ranging expertise in the fields of marketing, planning, designing and management/operation of shopping complexes.
Q: Please tell me the origins of the PARCO corporate name.
A: “PARCO,” the corporate name, means “park” in Italian. A park is a place (or space) where lots of people can gather, where people can share time and space, and where people can relax and have fun. That’s also what "PARCO" is.
Yes. Yes, it is.

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