Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Message is the Medium

I found this book last Friday at Twice Sold Tales in Seattle. Not like it's the greatest find ever, but the cover caught my eye and it turns out the photo is by Richard Avedon.

There are some other cool and/or funny photos inside (click to enlarge).

(Oddly enough, if you read the captions, Free is referred to as a "she," plausibly to subvert the sexual power structure.)

Revolution for the Hell Of It is also full of various wisdom nuggets, such as:

I concur, Marshall McLuhan.

All in all a good find.


Janet said...

Just shows what you can find when you nose around. Which Twice Sold Tales was it?
Janet, back in Dublin but will soon be returning to Seattle

Strath said...

I got it at the Twice Sold Tales on Capitol Hill, they have a book happy hour right before they close each night and it's on my way home... or in this case to Captain Blacks.

Janet said...

Hello Strath - the smell of cats is rather overwhelming in that TST but I still like it.
I spent a long time yesterday looking for a Bansky image for you - today I found it - a protest march in London in 2005 and one fellow is holding a sign saying he isn't there to protest - he has just come for the violence.