Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Acquisitions, part 5: Bozeman

This is commentary and music, with Ron Carter on bass. Pretty cool.
(I will digitize these and post them up once my whole set-up is back in order.)

This has some covers of tunes from obscure films like Medium Cool, The Libertine, Sweden Heaven & Hell, etc.

I don't really need another Paul Mauriat record (does anyone?) but I liked this cover.

Someone had unloaded a bunch of European pressings at the Goodwill.

I'm a sucker for Ramsey Lewis, I think I have 15 of his records. Good cover too.

Another David Axelrod production.

All the songs on this record are named after parks (Central Park, Parc Guell, etc.)


More rare Pink Floyd, including:
The Pink Floyd See Emily Play mp3,
I sing this to Emily (sing it at Emily, really), which, you can guess, she loves.

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