Monday, October 27, 2008

Party Politics

I didn't think this was possible, but Seattle is more fired up about Obama than Brooklyn. You might recall that I just drove across the country, and of all the places I've seen, I would venture to say that Seattle is actually the most fired-up. I think it must come from the sense that we're in somewhat of a swing state; the Republican candidate for governor is doing well in the polls, and it would not be hard to imagine Washington going for McCain if he hadn't become so diabolically grumpy. I don't think there's any question that Obama will win here—but you get more of a feeling that people have had to work hard for it over this long election season.

Consequently, election night is going to be nuts – there are a bunch of different parties around town, and a lot of them look fun. Current polling, however, suggests we have found our winner:

It's at the War Room, which occupies this beautiful building on Pike Street…

…and it's hosted by General Bonkers' own Kerri Harrop (aka Cherry Canoe). Miss Canoe is to party-throwing as Barack Obama is to campaigning. She is also really…really obsessed with Tom Brokaw. This magical combination means that nerds like myself will not want for news coverage, and good-time party folks like myself will enjoy a good-time party.

There is no cover. (Also, among other perks, Skillet Street Food will be parked outside all night. I mentioned their bacon jam in a post way back in March and I'm excited to meet it again.)

Here are all the details, see you there:

(Design obsessives may also be interested to know that Shepard Fairey did the posters and flyers, and the identity for the club itself.)

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Dottie said...

we are pumped! i'm thinking the war room will win my vote too, with the skillet availability just making the deal even sweeter.