Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Casting Anchor

I can't even begin to explain, much less comprehend for myself, what a blur this year has been, owing entirely to the fact that we moved across the freaking country. Rather than going into any further discussion of that entire process, which is still unfolding (we've been living out of bags and boxes for four months, waiting to move into our condo on January 11th) I will just say that, for me, 2008 was sometimes awe-strikingly great, sometimes palpably awful, and most of the time bouncing off the walls directly in the middle. I don't want to be all heavy 'n shit, but basically my head has just been swimming for the past several weeks, trying to figure it all out. Moving is a crazy experience, and finally, in the coming weeks, we will settle in.

I have never been happier for a fresh start as I am this New Year's Eve.

I wish you, and all the people you care about, the very best in 2009.

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