Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Friendly Fire

We had a great trip to Idaho for Christmas, the highlight being a trip out to Emily's parents' farm, where it had snowed at least two feet over the previous week.

First on the agenda was making a bonfire. A huge burnpile had been waiting for us since we were last at the farm. Emily and her brother Drew lit some newspaper on the end of a pitchfork while their dad, Art, poured gas on the pile.

Drew walked toward it, threw the lit paper, and we all got a big surprise: the pile exploded as the top layer of leaves, hay, and pine needles blew off.

For the rest of the day we messed around in the snow, walked around the farm, and stood by the fire when we got cold.

When it got dark we went inside the cabin and had soup and coffee by the wood stove.

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cj barney said...

Merry Christmas, Strath & Em...looks like you two had a wonderful holiday! Look forward to seeing you both more often, now that you're back in the NW!