Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Car Jamming

One of the cool things about living in the West is that they don't salt the roads when it snows, so old cars tend to last much longer here. It's not uncommon to see VW bugs and buses, old Land Rovers, a whole gang of Thunderbirds, Continentals, and other boats of the land, and a lot of cars I've never even heard of—whereas in New York, most of the cars you see are either cabs, town cars, or miscellaneous things built in the last ten years (not that you necessarily notice or care, since you don't really need a car most of the time yourself). Anyway, I've been taking some pictures of cool old cars when I see them, and will be posting them up from time to time.

Specimen no.1 is this old Citroën – and below are some shots from 1960s Citroën pamphlets.

Photographed by André Martin:

Photographed by Helmut Newton:

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