Monday, November 24, 2008

Roll, Roll, Roll Brother Trucker

I found this book for a dollar at a thrift store in Langley last weekend, up on Whidbey Island. Trucker: A Portrait of the Last American Cowboy (1975) was written by Jane Stern, with some great photographs by the author and her husband Michael Stern.
click to enlarge:

Among other things, Jane and Michael Stern now contribute regularly to the website, write an award-winning column for Gourmet magazine, and are regular guests on the mildly irritating but useful NPR show The Splendid Table. They have authored more than twenty books, including Roadfood, Two for the Road, and Chili Nation: The Ultimate Chili Cookbook with Recipes from Every State in the Nation.

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JMW said...

That book looks amazing, in a way that's belied by its bad-70s-album-jacket cover art.