Friday, October 5, 2012

Need vs. Want (Friday throwback edition)

Don't ask me why I've been in the habit of getting nostalgic on Fridays, because I don't know. But apropos of that, one of my girls has a great story about waiting on L.L. Cool J. at Jackson Hole, the diner on the Upper East Side where she worked while she was at Hunter College in the early 90s. The story is . . . basically that she waited on him. But aside from thinking about L.L. as he existed back then, the best part of the whole thing is homegirl's description of what she was wearing that day (I have no doubt that L.L. approved).

 Cool James waaaay back.

My own decade spent listening to nothing but hip-hop and old soul and rocking Carhartts and Tims on the regular seems like it occurred in another lifetime. But lately I've been feeling inspired to bring some of that old flavor back into my repertoire.

6.9 mm Gold Cuban Chain Link Necklace,
$1063.99 online at this place (or some approximation).

The product description pretty much seals the deal:
Resonate happy memories with flicker of luminous 14k Yellow Gold Cuban chain. It is elegant in timeless fashion chain and has modern comfort fit to suit your urban lifestyle. Flash it plainly or with favorite charm pendant. You'll feel a boost of self-confidence everyday as you wear this with any of your choice clothes. 
Word. And while we're on the subject of Cuban links, this – from what remains one of my top five hip-hop albums of all time:

Raekwon f/ Nas and Ghostface Killah, "Verbal Intercourse," 
from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (Loud, 1995)

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