Thursday, April 21, 2011

Best Foot Forward

This is definitely the summer of the wedge - so many good choices. (Those of us in the PNW just have to be optimists and believe that we still get that season here.)

[+] Alexander McQueen Gold Iris Platform Sandal,
$3495 at

A few other random suggestions, more reasonably priced (more or less) after the jump.

Pierre Hardy Striped Sandal, $980 at Barneys.
If someone told me that for the rest of my life I could
only wear shoes made by this man I would be just fine with that.

Aldo Light Yellow Dyle Wedge
(also available in
$100 at

Alexander McQueen Tan 3-D Flower Wedge,
$995 at

Givenchy Wide-Strap Wedge, $390 at Barneys.

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Kristina said...

This makes me want to pull out my cred card...