Monday, April 12, 2010

Who Am I S'posed to Be?

Look At Me, a 1971 painting by Dorothy Iannone (Acrylic on linen mounted on canvas, 74.8 x 59 inches). This and much more of the 77-year-old American-born, Berlin-based artist's work is on view in a new show at Peres Projects, Los Angeles, entitled This Sweetness Outside of Time.

From the press release:
Known for her continuous challenges to contemporary culture and a practice that opens the borders between her art and life, Iannone uses a stylized approach to document the female sexual experience from a singular perspective. The confrontational, open nature of her work accompanies its formal richness and conceptual sophistication in a discomposed alliance that borders on the uncanny.
Click here for info and many more images. The show is up through May 29th and a book of Iannone's work is available from South Willard.

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