Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meth Heads Stole Our Jeep.

I got home from work just past midnight on Tuesday and it was there. The next morning I walked out and it was gone. Later that afternoon some cracked-out jackasses ran out of gas in the middle of the freeway, and an officer of the law in the great state of Washington pulled over to help them. Upon doing so he discovered that in addition to being cracked out and jackasses, they were driving a car that did not belong to them on account of it belongs to us. These exceptionally dimwitted car thieves were scooped up and promptly deposited behind bars where they belong. Our beloved ride now awaits assessment by Geico. One of the windows is broken, the steering column is shot to hell, and everything of obvious monetary value is gone.

Luckily they did not think to take our Anchor Bar key buoy or our vintage Brooklyn Lager bottle opener, or the National Geographic road atlas that we bought when we first moved to New York and have relied on ever since, even if it did tell us there was a shortcut to Yellowstone which actually was more like a dirt trail straight up the side of a mountain and a moose was blocking the road anyway. And, oddly enough, they left our headlamps, which actually seem like they could be useful to a meth head, you know... for doing drugs, at night. Jackasses.

THEY LIVE! (aka Mash Hall) "METH HEADS" from Raindrop Hustla on Vimeo.


Valéry Lorenzo said...

That's "Fear and Loathing in ..."
You must be kidding ! I hope !

Strath said...

I wish I was kidding!

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry for you and your Jeep. When something like that happened to me (a house break-in), I had such a mix of anger and hurt feelings. It's hard not to expect it to happen again, so I hope you aren't the pessimist I am.

Anonymous said...

strath! that sucks! hope you guys get it back and its okay, weird i just read this today, Tommy's car caught on fire yesterday too, inside the dash, that pretty, vintage bmw. weird week for my friend's cars.


Beezer said...

It's there way of saying, hey Strath and Emily, welcome back to King County!

When Niall lived on Beacon Hill, his next door neighbors had a meth lab.

They were super nice. Too bad they had a meth lab.

(BTW, can you tell it's my procrastinate at work time of day?)