Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yellow Fever

Our good buddy and oldest client, Lily Raskind of Sunshine & Shadow, has joined the ranks of Kim Gordon, Steven Alan, Rachel Comey, and others with the launch of her first of several capsule collections for Urban Outfitters. It's called Yellow Is Gold:

I had the pleasure of designing the logo, which goes on labels inside the clothing, hang tags, etc. It started out photographic, with the letters chopped out of white powder, but to vectorize it I made all the little dots out of tiny squares. It was kind of intense. Here's the hang-tag:

Locals might be interested to know that Lily is from Seattle, and she and Matthew (who occasionally blogs up in here) moved back to the great NW at the same time as Emily and me. She still maintains her New York studio as well. There's a lot of commuting involved.

Check out Yellow Is Gold at your local Urban Outfitters or at, and see more from Sunshine & Shadow at

Also, in case you missed it, Urban Outfitters has a blog – it's not bad, even if they don't like the word penis.

[Top image via Refinery 29]

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