Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family Slideshow

A small selection of photos from our recent exploits – click to enlarge:

Belltown, Downtown Seattle

The barrel of a Disappearing Gun at Fort Casey, on Whidbey Island. My Great Grandpa Owen grew up on the Muskogee Reservation in Oklahoma, joined the military, and was stationed here in the early 1900s. Later on he was a beat cop in Georgetown. More on Owen and Fort Casey and the notorious Triangle of Fire in a later post.

Emily at Ebey's Bluff, Whidbey Island. Finally got around to it – we were going to walk along this trail last November but it was too foggy to see anything.

A chart explaining the different ships that pass through the Straits of Juan de Fuca on the way in and out of Puget Sound, including but not limited to a Sloop and a Yawl.

Rig full of trophies

Jason and Emily with one of Jason's chickens.
This one has furry feet.


Dude I was talking to on the way to work the other day

My brother Sky, his girlfriend Daniela, and Emily at the Cappy last week.

My mom and Emily at Penn Cove, Whidbey Island

Daniela and Sky

Thing I found on the beach

Garter snake


Much more on my photostream at Flickr.

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