Friday, March 13, 2009

Have a Seat

Speaking of art that embodies its time, I visited Joey Veltkamp's excellent blog, Best Of recently and saw this piece by Northwest-based artist Drew Daly (created by sanding down a wooden chair to the point just short of disintegration/collapse). Though I gather that this wasn't necessarily the artist's intention, it struck me as a perfect articulation of the uneasiness about present and future that's in the air right now:

Drew Daly, Subject: Chair (photo via Best Of)

Read Joey Veltkamp's terrific interview with Daly, and see more photos of Daly's work, here. The interview was originally published in the new issue of La Especial Norte, also highly recommended reading. Seattleites – or anyone passing through – can pick up their free copy at various art venues around the city, including Howard House, James Harris Gallery, SOIL, and Lawrimore Project.

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