Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bono Vox

This one's been in the hopper for a bit but I thought I would post it anyway – earlier this year the ladies of Rodarte teamed up with Jenny Lewis, filmmaker Griffin, and their grandmother, whose voice contributes to the soundtrack, to produce Vox Humana, an entry in SHOWstudio's Future Tense video series. In a previous post I mentioned the influence of Japanese horror movies on Rodarte's Fall 2008 collection, and that comes through here again, combining with the label's Mulholland-Drive aesthetic for a darkly ethereal effect. If I had a gigantic reel of videos that would just constantly play on a big TV in my apartment, this would be on it.

Click here to watch Vox Humana at SHOWstudio and here to visit Rodarte.

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