Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Illinoise

I'm posting from my crackberry (as I believe the tag line below reports) so I'm not being very detailed, but suffice it to say we are making good, locally made beef jerky-fueled progress. Stayed in Rockford, Illinois last night and we're back at it this morning, the next goal being Gillette, Wyoming. Luckily we missed getting caught up in the hurricane through Indiana and Illinois and it's sunny and beautiful now as we cruise through Minnesota. Jeans is holding up well and has found a way to communicate when it's time for a bathroom break, which involves pulling his poop box out of the back of the truck in a rest stop or kwikstop parking lot, and surrounding it with our backs turned so he can step in and handle his business.

In other news, there's a road in Indiana called Fangboner Road. The heartland is so folksy.

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