Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cave Tours

Listen while you read:
The Cave Singers Seeds of Night mp3 (thank you Matador)

I was instantly hooked on the Cave Singers when I heard them last year on KEXP, courtesy of guest selector Cherry Canoe (aka Kerri Harrop, from whom I have learned about 900,000 other interesting things, via her phenomenal blog General Bonkers). The Cave Singers are three dudes, formerly of other good bands such as Murder City Devils, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and Hint Hint, who play a unique brand of rock-and-roll that is actually best described as music you might expect to hear in a cave in the middle of Kentucky, or the North Cascades, for that matter. They played last night at Union Hall, one of my favorite venues, and it was cool to see them in such a small place—a cave-like place, if you will.

The Cave Singers' debut album Invitation Songs is out now, and they're touring up a storm. I highly recommend checking them out.

Also: cavesinging.blogspot.com

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