Friday, April 11, 2008

Point of View

Congratulations to Christopher Bollen, who is leaving his long-held post as V magazine's editor to take the helm at Interview for its forthcoming re-launch, along with the dream team of Fabien Baron and Glenn O'Brien.

I have been obsessed with magazines since I can remember. As a kid I would take the bus to the University of Washington bookstore and spend hours browsing through the gigantic newsstand; at one point I remember my mom making a rule that I was not allowed to spend all my paper route money on magazines. Interview was the first one I really connected with (not counting, of course, much earlier interest in Ranger Rick's and BMX Action).

The variety of people within the pages of Interview opened entire new worlds to me and outlined a high-society-meets-punk-rock aesthetic that has influenced countless followers. In recent years, attempting I suppose to compete in the increasingly rough and tumble print media world, it has become more of a celebrity rag. It seems to me, however, that the so-called death of print actually presents an opportunity for a magazine like Interview to own a niche by re-creating or referring to its original spark. On some level, Chris Bollen has been referencing that vision and its high/low mix better than just about anyone out there with his work for V, The New York Times Magazine and others. In my time as a designer at V, I always enjoyed finding out what he would put in the next issue, and I can't wait to see what he does with Interview.

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