Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Don't Front:

Hi there, it's Don't Front, the ongoing series in which I tell you that some of the stuff you think is "wack" is actually "dope."

#1: Billy Ocean "The Love Zone"
#2: Beef Jerky

This week:

And in particular, my phone camera. The Treo is a total piece of S, but its internal camera is serious business. And while my hatred for talking on the phone is well documented (or at least person or by e-mail), I carry the little bugger around so I can quickly snap shots of the various crap I notice in the streets. I am far from alone in this endeavor, I know. My point is that just because it's a phone doesn't mean your shots are less composed or thought out, and just because the quality leaves something to be desired doesn't mean that what comes out is necessarily "bad." Sometimes the weirdness of the colors makes photos look like paintings or video stills, and there's something cool about that, if you calibrate your expectations.

As Henri Cartier-Bresson said, "For me the camera is a sketchbook." Don't Front.

I just uploaded a bunch of phone camera shots to my Flickr page—click here to check them out.

1 comment:

Dr. P said...

Anyone who fronts the camera phone has never just written a bunch of shit on a white board in their college classroom and thought, "I am never going remember all this what I just told them."

Get out the RAZR and pow, pow, pow! You got the board.

Furthermore, how are you going to be able to check your package and find out if the shit you wrote is shit or true.

So, I'm there. Don't front.

Plus, when you see a book you might want to read but don't want to buy. Pow! Take your phone to the library, check it. That's your book. Check it out, and then check it out.