Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweden: Heaven and Hell

I had been looking for this record forever and finally found it last weekend—Piero Umiliani's brilliant soundtrack to the '60s sexploitation film Sweden: Heaven and Hell. The best known track is "Mah-Na-Mah-Na," which I knew as a kid from The Muppet Show and as something we sang at the top of our lungs around the campfire. Who knew it originally appeared in a film billing itself as an exposé of The most revolutionary, most permissive life-state in the world:
The Love Cruise! A training trip for turned on teens!
The Bachelorette Party! A bride-to-be's last fling!
Moonlighting Nudes! Meter-maids by day—models at night!
The Swap Shop! A trade-in deal for married couples only!
Piero Umiliani Beer, Vermouth & Gin MP3
Piero Umiliani You Tried to Warn Me (High Church Treatment) MP3

Sweden: Heaven and Hell trailer .mov (31MB)

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Anonymous said...

wow! I want to see the movie!