Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Image of the Day

Images by photographer Shaun Irving, who has built the largest mobile camera in the world by constructing what is essentially a giant pinhole camera in the back of a moving truck. Light comes into the hole, and is projected through a lens onto 4-by-8-foot sheets of photo paper on the opposite interior wall of the truck.

Read about the rest of the process at NPR's Picture Show blog and see more images at Irving's website, cameratruck.net.


Photo Paper said...

That's a really cool concept, I'm a big fan.

Valéry Lorenzo said...

In the 90's, a Catalan Photographer, Pere Formiguera did some images (portraits and city landscape) with exactly the same process.Then they have been exhibited in the Galerie du Chateau d'eau in Toulouse (France).
This photographer works a lot on "special" process, Gomme Bichromatée, Calotypes etc... with another photographer, Joan Fontcuberta.
More recently in 2006 the Legacy project did the biggest picture in the world.
Thank you Strath for your post that really like to read !