Friday, December 11, 2009

Combine & Interact

Pantone declared "Mimosa" the color of the year for 2009, and they've just announced that Turquoise will be 2010's color of the year. Okay, great, I'm glad that's settled. It is a nice combo (even though half of it is called "Mimosa"). It reminds me of that photo I posted awhile back, by Garance Doré. I'm not sure if this is worth posting or not but I get kind of worked up about color.

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LauraW said...

I saw this too! FYI, Nordstrom is going to push turq handbags in a big way in 2010.
did you know that Garance had a torrid affair with The Sartorialist and broke up his marriage? She has a kick-ass blog though, so who can blame him?