Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On the Town

Misc. snapshots going way back....

Raindog and Vitamin R may also incur fees

Theresa, Emily, Ashley and Samantha at Still Liquor

Shabazz and Thee Satisfaction at Neumo's

Theresa and Kyle at the I Want You magazine party

Samantha, Miles, Charlie, Kyle at Still Liquor

Emily, Jessica, Robert at Vermillion

Jessica, Emily, Sara, and Caitlin at Bus Stop before trying to go to the Crescent and ending up at... The Elite

Emily and Natasha at Sun Liquor Distillery

Emily, Amber, and Natasha


Emily explains the app to Jason at Linda's

Impromptu diners club meeting at Oddfellows

My oldest friend on the planet, Michelle, with Dustin at the Roanoke on Mercer Island

Detective Agency at the Comet

Natasha, Meg, and Ms. Jackie Brown

Stephanie and Matson in front of Cairo

Bill Callahan at Neumo's

A cat I met on the way to the Lookout

Everyone think of Kurdt

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Michelle said...

Miss you guys!!!!!