Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Image of the Day

The Maguire Daisy, a tiny wildflower native to Utah,
was removed from the United States' endangered species
list yesterday. When it was initially listed as endangered
25 years ago, only 7 known plants were in existence.
The daisy is one of only 21 species in the United States
and its territories that have been removed from the
list due to recovery.*

*The others, and the dates of their delistings, are: the Brown pelican (Atlantic coast population 1985, rest of the range in 2009), Virginia northern flying squirrel (2008), Bald Eagle (2007), Eggert’s sunflower (2005), Tinian Monarch (2004), Columbian white-tailed deer (Douglas County Population, 2003), Hoover’s woolly-star (2003), Robbins’ cinquefoil (2002), Aleutian Canada goose (2001), American peregrine falcon (1999), eastern gray kangaroo (1995), western gray kangaroo (1995), red kangaroo (1995), Arctic peregrine falcon (1994), gray whale (eastern North Pacific (California) population, 1994), American alligator (1987), Palau ground dove (1985), Palau fantail flycatcher (1985), and the Palau owl (1985).

[photo via the U.S. Forest Service]

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