Friday, October 29, 2010

More Women

Design on the front of a Women t-shirt available from Flemish Eye Records, $20.

Women played a phenomenal show at the Vera Project in Seattle a couple nights ago to a crowd of about 30 people. My level of appreciation of their second album, Public Strain, is reaching semi-obsession – I was saying to my brother that if I listen to one of the songs by itself I feel like I'm cheating the rest of the album out of its cohesiveness. It's like playing Jenga, The Ultimate Stacking Game©, with songs. I still do it – I listened to "Eyesore" about 8 times yesterday – but the point is that the album holds together so well as a whole that if you have time to listen to the entire thing, it's a very full experience.

Public Strain is out now – get it at your local record store, or directly from Jagjaguwar or Flemish Eye.

OH NO! From Pitchfork:
Women Cancels Tour After Clashing Onstage

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Suspenders said...

Killin' every crew in sight. Kick a jam and crack a joke over your grave like Dolemite.