Friday, April 30, 2010

Traffic, Jams

My original intention in starting a blog was to document my last bit of time in New York, and my first bit of time in Seattle, various other stuff that crossed my mind, and projects that I'm working on – and then Emily started posting, which I love, and we have kept it up over time, sometimes more than others. I was talking to a friend about it recently and saying that while I never set out to try to build up traffic, it has naturally built up – not in a crazy way, but a lot more people look at the blog than I would have expected. Google Analytics tracks the keyword searches that drive random people here, and I thought it might be worth sharing a small selection of those with you.

Here are my favorites:

-Lighthouse attendant
-You know you're gold
-I just wanna be a doper person
-Hot dogs say what you mean
-God don't make no junk
-Meat lovers pizza in the trunk
-If you can't open it you don't own it
-Rhymes with steez
-A closed mouth collects no feet
-Ivar Haglund gay?
-Breakfast clam chowder
-Slurp and burp
-DB Cooper Ape Cave [might have to look into that one myself]
-Damned grimly fiendish
-I had a very calm day until this

And, of course:
-Mr. Littlejeans Cat

Also, one other note while we're here, behind the curtain, together (wow, awkward). I have removed all the MP3s from the site after receiving a pretty frightening email from Blogger about one of my posts violating copyright (specifically, I had posted a Fela Kuti song and they removed it). But between us, if anyone ever wants an MP3 that has appeared on the site, just hit me up and I will send it to you, as long as you're not damned, grimly, or fiendish, and you just wanna be a doper person.

Slurp and burp,

Pictured above: an image made using IOgraph, a piece of free software by Anatoly Zenkov and Andrey Shipilov that traces the movements of your mousepointer. Get it here.


Kyle Johnson said...

meatlovers pizza was my fav

Beezer said...

Okay, my mom totally used to say "God don't make no junk" in the seventies and early eighties.

Even in the second grade that saying made me cringe, but now I'm gonna bring it back.

You search queries made me laugh for a good, solid minute. How to be a doper person indeed! It's like Google is an oracle or an eight ball!

Jesus, that's some funny shit. Thank you.