Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Image of the Day

One of my favorite shots from photographer Milton Rogovin's Lower West Side, Buffalo, NY series. Rogovin turned 100 on December 30th, and both Danziger Projects in New York and the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle are celebrating with exhibitions of his work (click the links for more images and info). From reading the Henry's blog I learned that until Rogovin retired to become a full-time photographer in 1978, he made his living as an optometrist. I'm pretty sure Ralph Eugene Meatyard was an optometrist as well. I know nothing about optometry but maybe there is something about examining other people's eyes that makes people want to take pictures.


* * * said...

caught his retrospective Remembering the Forgotten Ones years ago. a memorable show. i like his work lots!

Valéry Lorenzo said...

Eye absolutly agree with your point view ;-)