Saturday, November 14, 2009

Playing Hooky

I went over to The Pacific Galleries down on Lander the other day, blowing off the last few hours of my Friday to look at some antiques and get inspired. The first time I went in there, shortly after arriving in Seattle, I thought it was all grandma's costume jewelry- but I was wrong, it keeps getting better and better the more I go. Stuff really flies out of there so the displays, which can get pretty intricate, get reworked over and over, some stalls begin to feel like places you could camp out and maybe spend some time, like visiting grandma without her being there. Here are some camera phone pics of some off the things I was drawn to. The signage really got me good this time...

The Supervillain strikes again without warning.

A Warm Hello!

The ever eloquent Jimmie Dale.

A little Damien Hirst you can take home with you.

Closeup of the price tag on the study form.

The Horror!

Badass Baby.

Vintage signs. They had the original 42nd St sign for sale, priced at $18,000, but shipping to the West Coast is free..

Self explanatory.

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