Friday, May 15, 2009

Hometown Homage

I thought I would start where I began, The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Technically I was born in Bloomington, Indiana but I have so few memories from my first 4 years there, I'm going with Philly. We just got back from a long weekend there and I thought I would share some images (click to enlarge) that stuck, along with some keywords from the trip, preferably provided by Dice Raw or Malik B:

Fishtown, Rittenhouse/
Old City, Hoagies/
William Penn, Felt Whale, The Barbary, Geno’s/
Conshohocken Rolls/
Kung Fu Necktie/
Shirt Corner, King of Jeans/
Tony Luke’s, Manayunk/
Cheesesteak, Johnny Brenda’s/
Jelly Krimpets, Chubbies/
Osage Avenue/
Rowhouse, Shorties/

And finally a Schoolly D .mp3 (whats the time?)

Schoolly D Gucci Time mp3

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