Friday, November 7, 2008

The Wide World of Mr. Littlejeans

There was a request recently for more posts featuring the cats.

Sometimes Jeans looks like a baby seal.

Our other cat, Inez, is beautiful and sweet too – but she is a stray and she will always be a stray. She was rescued as a kitten, along with her mom, brother, and sister, from a Brooklyn backyard on the block of Dean Street where Fortress of Solitude takes place (just to give you a little context, in case you know the block or the book, or both). The rescuers kept the mom, someone else got her brother and sister, and we got Inez. She could fit in the palm of my hand, she was so small.

The photo above perfectly expresses the relationship between our two cats. Jeans is gigantic (lay off, it's glandular) and rules the house. Inez worships him but he pays little attention, except to swat at her if she gets too close, or to occasionally lick her face if he's feeling charitable. We're glad to provide Inez a place to live and steady meal service ("three hots and a cot" as Emily puts it) but it's not really like having a regular cat – she's more of a roommate who we see every once in awhile.

And Jeans is just Jeans, the cat who thinks he's a little man.

PS - I have been instructed to inform the reader that in the above photo, Emily is watching TV, not looking wistfully away from the camera in some posey way.


Joey Veltkamp said...

hat comment made me "lol". i never read it as wistful until you said it. then it becomes hilarious imagining it.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Veltkamp's observation. Quinn.

JMW said...

Maybe my favorite post ever, and I love this blog. There's just something about not-so-littlejeans. (I know, it's glandular.) The paragraph beginning "the photo above perfectly expresses" made me laugh out loud, and it hasn't stopped yet.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you understand what a "Jeans" fan I am.

I loved the idea of Jeans from the start, but when you told me that he had a glandular problem that made him a baby seal like my two fat cats, I was forever pledged to keep vigil for the plight of Jeans. Thank you for sharing his world.

Anonymous said...

Jeans sucks

Manix rules