Sunday, September 28, 2008

Night Flight

After Maya and Alex's wedding and reception, everyone went to a bar in Killington for pizza and beer.

Alex's mom Dot brought these mini candle-powered hot air balloons over from England. Basically you light the candle, hold onto the balloon, and wait for it to inflate.

At the right moment, you let go, and they drift slowly upward.

They get up really far before they burn out. I was kind of worried about sending a ball of fire over the national forest. In fact, I kind of had reservations about the whole thing. But it had just rained and was wet enough not to be a fire hazard, and apparently they're bio-degradable, so when the remnants fall to earth, they (hopefully) don't muck up the place too much or for very long. They let off a really warm light and floated quietly away—a great end to the night.

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