Friday, July 25, 2008

NW/NY 3: The Little Dun

This next installment in my NW/NY interview series is with renaissance woman Sarah Honda. I first met Sarah in Seattle in the early '90s, when she was an editor at The Flavor magazine, and I started working there. Sarah and I spent many late nights in the office, editing and organizing to the sounds of Mobb Deep and Raekwon. Her roommate at the University of Washington was this girl named Emily. Sarah introduced Emily and me at RKCNDY one night, and to make a long story short, we ended up getting married a couple years later.

Mobb Deep Give Up the Goods / Just Step mp3

Sarah moved to New York and worked at the legendary Payday Records before taking a job at Empire Management, handling the day to day careers of DJ Premier and Gang Starr, among others. We used to hang out and go to brunch a lot, and walk around the city—actually, she walks so fast, it's more like trotting around the city. It was really fun and a good way to see the sights. The way I see it, Sarah has been an ever-present force during two of the goldenest of golden eras of my life.

Three years ago, Sarah moved back to her hometown of Honolulu and started a fashion magazine called Smart. (They have a blog now can tell which posts are Sarah's because they have titles like "Protect Ya Neck-lace.") Sarah also produces the film festival there, has a radio show, promotes a bunch of club nights, and lives the fast life in fast cars.

This week she was in New York for her annual pilgrimage and I forced her to sit down and answer my questions.

Emily and Sarah at Wildwood Barbecue

How's your NYC trip been?
The trip has been amazing – I’ve seen everyone and done everything that I wanted to. Highlights: Takashi Murakami exhibit in BK. Grand Groove at APT with Chairman Mao. Hanging out with Andrea and Trevor Duncan Mao in Harlem. Seeing the Royal Tenenbaums house in Hamilton Heights. Going to Headqcourterz Studio and hanging out with Premier, Gordon, Phat Gary and Show. Derek Jeter/Brand Jordan party at Marquee. NERD show/Paper party at Santos Party House. Wo Hop with Max and Matt. Cheap Malaysian food at Sanur with Pei. The Wackness. Dark Knight. WXOU with Chen, Joey, Hua and Betty. Santogold, Diplo, A-Trak and the dancers at Summerstage. Pre-Fab homes, Dali and George Lois at MoMA. ego trip dinner at Lombardi’s. BBQ with Strath and Em. Momofuku with Darcie. Gelato (twice!) with Jeff Staple. Half hero and daily grain special at Olives, Ernie & Bert Ante Up video. Spice Market with Roya. K-Town grocery shopping with Jones. Beatminerz, Alchemist, Tony Touch, Dart, Crazy Legs, Eclipse, Lord Sear and more at APT (again). DJ Lindsey at The Hump.... And I didn’t even mention any shopping.

When we had dinner you mentioned that you feel settled into your life in Hawaii now. What was the hardest part about adjusting after living in New York for ten years?
I miss how fast people walk. Of course there is more to miss in New York, like sample sales, live music, amazing public transportation, museums, great restaurants and all my friends. And New York is where my dreams came true. But on the real, people in Hawaii walk super slow.

Emily and Sarah blazing up Diamond Head past slow Hawaiians last summer

What do you like about living in Honolulu?
Surfing, shave ice and flip-flops 365 days a year!

What about Leonard's?!
And Leonard's.

What are you into lately?

Acai bowls

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Mexican loteria cards

Bliss Lau body jewelry
Boston Red Sox
Chie Mihara shoes
Not getting haircuts

What are your plans/power movements? What's next for Sarah K. Honda?
On-air radio personality. A girl can have another dream!

How come you never wear your Bone t-shirt any more?

You know what? I do wear my Bone t-shirt. Don’t doubt me kid!

Anything else you want to say?
Special shout out to Dan. Another thing I miss: the digs.

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