Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't Front:

It's Don't Front, the ongoing series in which I tell you to re-think some stuff you've been unjustifiably fronting on.

Not so very long ago, my brother and I had the idea to do a public access show entitled "Adventures in Meat." Each week we would sample and discuss a different family of meats: chickens, fish, cuts of beef, little known meats of the sea, squirrel and other varmints, the sausages, potted meats, venison and other gamey meats, haggis, various pork meats. Things of that nature. For a number of reasons which I won't go into, the show never really came together. But every time I bite into a slab of beef jerky, I remember.

You may not have the same aspirations, but you can't front on the low-fat, low-calorie, delicious taste of beef jerky. On at least a theoretical level, it's also an environmentally friendly food: beef jerky lets no part of an animal go to waste. Sure, one stick of jerky provides you with a week's worth of sodium—but that's what water is for.

In conclusion, beef jerky makes you feel sporty. Don't front.

Don't Front #1 Billy Ocean "The Love Zone"

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