Friday, December 4, 2009

Image of the Day

Matt Lifson Apocalypse Bros, 2009 (Oil on Canvas, 40" x 48"). Lifson's paintings and sculptural installations are on view through January 3rd at Ursa Minor Gallery along with Robin Stein's photography. There's an interesting dialogue between the photos and the paintings, in a way – a satellite dish next to the forest in one of Stein's photos is a stand-in for the beings in the woods in Lifson's paintings, and the vaguely violent/sexual overtones in Lifson's paintings are not unlike the implied conquest of the wilderness in some of Stein's photos, and vice-versa. A half-baked thought, maybe, but a thought, no less.

Ursa Minor Gallery is located at 3308 East Spring Street in Madrona. Have brunch at the Hi-Spot and then go check it out.

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Joey_Veltkamp said...

oh hey - i just blogged about this. i haven't stopped by yet - but i'm always happy for new art spaces. :) miss you folks!