Wednesday, December 2, 2009

At the Intersection of
E. Marginal Way and 4th Ave. S.

If you have not been to Matt's Hot Dogs on your way to the paintball range or South Park, I strongly urge you to make the trip some day on your lunch break. The story goes that this guy Matt, who is ever present at the counter, taking orders and speaking fluent Spanish to the Latina cooks, has been obsessed with hot dogs since day one. He went to business school and wrote a plan for a hot dog stand, became a mortgage banker to save money for said hot dog stand, and finally realized his dream in 1992. Specializing in Chicago dogs, chili dogs, slaw dogs and the like, this is the kind of place where you can really get yourself into trouble. I usually go for one Chicago dog, a slaw dog with chili, and fries. If you want to fake your friend out, get one dog and fries, tell them you are being good, and then slip away and order a second dog on the DL. See how jealous they get. This place has the formula down. Just be careful, get good exercise and don't get mustard on your shirt.

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Anonymous said...

This is very interesting to me. I had the best hot dog last night from a taco truck/van that appeared on my corner. Isn't that the best thing you could hope for as a child? Having money in your pocket, food you want on your corner and nobody to stop you? Maybe mine can't compare with these, but I was so happy to come across it. Short leap in the air for joy. Portland, Oregon.