Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Image of the Day

This is a random image of the day in the truest sense of the word – I'm super busy, sometimes I don't have time to plan this out. I scrolled and picked the first image I found on my hard drive. When I used to work at V Magazine we had a bowling team, and we'd play other magazines (The New Yorker, GQ...a whole bunch of different magazines). Time Out New York was always the best, they were really annoying. We were generally down at the bottom with (I think it was) American Craft magazine or something like that, these girls that pretty much had just figured out what bowling was or something. My grandpa (not Don – different grandpa) was actually a pro bowler (the diamonds in Emily's engagement ring came from a gold pinky ring he had won, which my brother and I inherited) and I'm not too bad, but I had dislocated my shoulder like three months before, so I was sucking – I would roll the ball and then walk back to the team in pain. We bowled at the Port Authority bus terminal lanes. As part of the deal each team would get these towers of beer, basically like a big vase full of beer with a tap at the bottom of it. We'd finish ours really fast and then try to steal beer from the other teams. Good times.

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