Monday, November 30, 2009

Police Scanner

So I don't know if everyone outside of Seattle knows this, but within Seattle at the moment there is a manhunt going on for Maurice Clemmons, the suspect in the assassination of four police officers in Tacoma this past weekend – and you can listen to the whole thing on local TV station KOMO's live feed of the police scanner. I'm not gonna make a habit of doing this or anything – I'm not going to be that guy – but it's intense. I hope they get him soon.


[update – they got him]

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Anonymous said...

I know.
I didn't see this in time to listen, but I was telling myself that he wouldn't have needed an extra bullet for me. If I'd been in that coffee shop, I would have been dead from fright early in the episode.
I think those police officers would have been the ones to help us, if needed. I'm so sorry they are gone.