Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tripping Around the Town

. I haven't bought many records since we moved to Seattle, primarily because I don't have any more room on the shelves – I have a couple boxes I need to trade in before I feel like I can justify digging again. Still, my man Coolhands was in town from Austin the other weekend, and there was no question we would have to hit up a few stores.

I like digging with Coolhands because (1) he knows a ton about records, and (2) we come from totally different backgrounds in terms of what we know. I'm not gonna say it's an even exchange – he has a record store (Friends of Sound), so he is constantly focused – but we put each other up on a lot of different things. These are some highlights of my cheapo finds that afternoon.

Remember Danny O'Keefe? I think this might be his first record, on a local Seattle label.

Regrettably I haven't digitized most of these yet but I will get to it.

You can check this one out though:
ZZ Hill
That Ain't The Way You Make Love mp3

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