Thursday, October 1, 2009

Deep, Dark

Lawrimore Project has a new exhibit that I dipped into yesterday as the sky opened up and the reality of Autumn's arrival became apparent: a solo show of Leo Saul Berk's latest drawings and sculptures that will be on display through the end of October.

Berk explores negative space through a variety of media. Although overly technical at times in his execution, there are some interesting ideas and some real gems. A short excerpt from one of the placards at the exhibit reveals an interesting angle to the work presented, describing his computer generated, three-dimensional representation of Naj Tunich, a sacred cave of the Mayas: information-poor repository of the ancient psychologies therein and a taciturn surrogate for the collective emotions of the contemporary culture...
Lawrimore is a great gallery with a great space to match. Of note is the fact that many of the works have been sold, some pieces topping $10,000 or more. Seems that the Seattle art-buying world is still kicking.

Lawrimore Project is located at 831 Airport Way South, in downtown Seattle.

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Joey Veltkamp said...

Leo's great. I'll be publishing an interview with him on Monday.