Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This past Sunday afternoon I took the bus over to Volunteer Park, sat in the grass as the sun slowly went down and watched the Gaslamp Killer play his first DJ set in Seattle for the Decibel Festival. It was damn good.

Gaslamp Killer is part of the Brainfeeder crew out of L.A. which includes among others the talented Flying Lotus. He is know for his high energy DJ sets which swing wildly from Psychedelic to Dilla to DubStep, bridging the similarities and exploiting the differences. With bass as his anchor he played for two hours, often changing songs every minute or so, appearing to be fully electrocuted the entire time, with his wild hair, skinny look and Dr. Frankenstein-as-conductor hand movements.

Recently he has started producing tracks of his own, some of which have been released by Shepard Fairey's Obey Records, with complimentary Obey album art. When in LA, visit the Low End Theory Club where he is a resident DJ most weeks when he is not touring.
Download his mix with BBC radio show host (and killer DJ in her own right) Mary Ann Hobbs here.

Buy a mix or his latest release here.

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